Music — the only industry that has trillions of lovers. Music represents the symbol of emotion that represents a person. As years progress, we see corporations stepping into this industry and developing various platforms that are competing in so many ways. We have video platforms, audio platforms, and even separate platforms to see the lyrics or open a new song that has lyrics attached to it and similarly, with the development in Machine Learning and Analytics platform, we see behavior-based recommendations everywhere within the music app.

My idea revolves around integrating the apps that we use in our day-to-day lives…

Project Goal

Onboarding starts not on the first day of the job, but from the moment a job candidate clicks on your job posting.

With COVID-19, many people have slowed down their process. Onboarding and orientation have also become a challenge.

This post focuses on how Six Sigma could potentially improvise this time and resulting in Improvised retention rate and skills set mapping process

Applying DMAIC to the Hiring process

The process evaluates the average time required to fill a vacant job opening from the time the Manpower requisition and the Final selection of the suitable candidate.


Problem statement — To reduce the hiring time in a company…

Exploratory data analysis is one of the most important step in any project. It basically gives us all details about a dataset like description of the data, data type, missing and Null values, etc. Although, we have multiple commands for each of this, we could do it in just a single step using Sweetviz

Sweetviz is an open-source library in Python that generates reports in the form of HTML. This library is used for visualization, and even compare subsets of two dataframe.

Let’s try and use the tool on a dataset!

The dataset I am using is the “Mall Customer…

Revathy Sivasankaran

Software Developer -> Data Scientist -> Business Scientist

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